We Are Family

Bibi as the 7th explorer in the Galapagos

(Dana) The Internet has clearly made this trip less isolating, especially for the four younger explorers. 6explorers.com, Facebook, email, Google chats have allowed us to remain in contact with family and friends from home as well as new friends collected along the way. But no electronic media beats a live connection to family and friends on our journey.

Bibi (grandmother Doris Benfer) just experienced the Galapagos Islands with us aboard the National Geographic Endeavor. Bibi’s arrival rivaled the build-up to Christmas, and like Santa, she came bearing gifts. Over a dozen packages, ordered by us online, landed on her doorstep prior to her departure, awaiting her courier services to Ecuador. But it wasn’t just the delivery of 3+ pounds of candy per child, fulfilling their specific confectionary requests. It was a much-needed dose of home. Plus, as a Biology professor, we knew that Bibi would enjoy seeing the Galapagos first-hand. Together, we enjoyed zodiac rides, hikes and meals.

Uncle Duffie with us in Zambia

Uncle Duffie (Christopher White) joined us in Zimbabwe and continued with us into Zambia. He too came bearing sugar, in the form of a 1-kilo Cadbury chocolate bar! Needless to say, it was gone before he left us. Safari rides, jokes about fellow tourists, gourmet meals and close encounters with elephants were all shared experiences.

And of course, we spent a relaxing four days in Stockholm with Aunt Diane and Uncle Dave Banyard, and cousins Anna, Trey and Teagan. We squeaked in a few touristy spots, but spent most of our time soaking in time with the family and jettisoning 20+ pounds of unnecessary clothing.

Beyond family, we are spending memorable time with our friends the Spinale/Katsigris family in Leonidio, Greece, the Goulds in Buenos Aires, the Polers in India and Captain Jonathan Kline in the South Pacific. And that doesn’t even count the hundreds of family members we have adopted along the way! This is truly a global family adventure.

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One Response to “We Are Family”

  1. Hey Guys!!

    I hope you guys are having fun!! The Galapagos Islands look amazing! Can’t wait to see you all in BA!

    The Gould Family