Whale and…bread

(Emma) Today, during our first dinner of our trip I had something that had a well….. different taste. It was so different that you might even be able to consider it a FUNKY FOOD!

We were at SAE GREIFINN. It was a sea food restaurant; and so we ordered sea food. One was minke whale! So we sat down and ate. As the food kept on disappearing the only food that stayed the same was the minke whale. That came as no surprise to me but then my Dad asked if anyone wanted a bite. Some people might call this a bribe but it worked for me! He said that whoever had a bite would get to write the first post on FUNKY FOODS. And so I got the courage to try the whale and now here I am. Writing this post. And to tell you the truth it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! But as Reis said, “it tastes just like it smells.”

Here’s a funny video of the dinner:

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27 Responses to “Whale and…bread”

  1. Wow, I cant believe that!!!!! I would never be able to eat that! Great job.

  2. Hi Whites!
    You have been on my mind all day thinking about the beginning of your great adventure. I will be checking in often to see where you are and having my adventure with you on this great site.
    I wish you all ‘fair winds and smooth sailing’ as you explore this beautiful planet and all its fascinating inhabitants.
    Happy traveling,
    Mrs. Chase

  3. Hi Emma
    Kudos to you for taking your Dad’s “challenge”/bribe. I have printed out your post and am sending it to Lizzie and Cricket who are away at camp for 3 1/2 weeks. They will be so psyched to receive it. I promise to print and send to them all your posts while they are at camp. I’ll even send posts from your siblings and your parents, so make sure you enter lots of them!! Thanks for taking the time to enter this FIRST Funky Foods post; your entry is duly noted, for today and always!!

  4. Hi Emma,
    How great–I wonder if you will have a new funky food every day??? I will never forget how I learned to eat squid. It was fried in rings and my dad told me they were french fries. They were so good, I ate the whole plate before he told me what it really was and now squid is one of my favorite foods! See you soon, Phyllis

  5. Emma–thanks for the post but it begs the question: if Minke whale tastes just like it smells, how does it smell????

  6. Thats cool but who had the guts to want to try whale-raffi

  7. Thats very cool that you tried a whale. What did it taste like?
    – aj

  8. Thats awesome, what did it taste like?

  9. Robyn and Bill 02. Jul, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Great job! We loved your first post and laughed out loud. The video was very fun to see as well. We will follow you often and eagerly await more updates from the 6explorers! Rock on.

  10. Hey Emma!!!!
    It’s Liv and Julia!! We miss you sooo much right now 🙁
    It sounds like you first day was a lot of fun and you have already tried something new (minke whale)!!!!!!!
    We hope you have a great time on your trip because you still have a lot to see!!
    Julia and liv


  11. Hey Emma! I miss you sooo much! how is your trip going so far? See you in a year!

  12. Wow that already looks like so much fun! I miss you sooooo much Alex!!! Hope your trip is going well!

  13. wow thats cool! i hope you guys are having fun!! we all miss you soo muchh!

  14. thats sooo cool!! i had a little piece of frog leg once but the whale is much more gross! i hope you’re having fun on the trip!!

  15. hi Reis and Andrew. I hope you are having a great time. How was the whale? Happy 4th of july!

    Talk to you again soon.

  16. Bess (Reykjavik) 04. Jul, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Great time rafting the Hvítá river today!your family is inspiring. Enjoy Iceland.

  17. Hi guys,
    Miss you all so much! Emski…I’m so proud of you for trying the whale…you’re too cute. Hope you guys are having a blast and I can’t wait to see you when you get home. I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING…and so is the rest of my family. Love to you all.

  18. Hey White family I hope your having a top notch time in Iceland! You guys sure got creative getting whale I am very proud of all of you all for trying it!


  19. love reading all about what you are doing. That is so cool you ate Whale…yummy:-) Enjoy!!

  20. Emily Sinclair 21. Jul, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    I love how when Mr. White askes what Alex had she says “Bread!”

  21. Oh my gosh!!!! That is so cool, the next time I go to a seafood restaurant, I am SO going to ask if they have minke whale! You are so brave for trying that. I can’t wait to see you when you come back!! I hope you are having a great time there! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. That’s where I have a bone with Iceland, and Norway, and Japan. Why can’t we leave those creatures alone – their brains are bigger than ours and everything known to science argues for a species that is fully conscious, communicates and is social. Stop the killing of whales NOW!

  23. Emmy
    Nice job with the Whale! I just tried some this spring – and am even more a supporter of whaling ban than before!
    Just dont learn what to eat from Pete!! He is Gross!!!!
    Keep having fun – its great following you guys!

  24. Hi Emma,

    I hope you are having an amazing time on your trip. I have been checking out your posts and looking at all of the pictures. You have had some wonderful adventures already. I’m so excited for your family. Say hello to everyone for me. Miss you guys!

    Ms. Dionisio

  25. Olivia Adamczyk 26. Oct, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    You are so brave. Once I was in the same situation, but I ate sting ray! Actually it was not that bad,like you said. It basically tasted like fish.
    Well, have a fun rest of your trip in the islands.
    Olivia Adamczyk 🙂

  26. So cool! I wish I could be you guys! What did it taste like?

  27. Hey emma its Izzy Schwarz!!! I had fun skyping with u today!!! <3 u have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!