What We’ve Learned So Far

(January, 2011) Usually the Road Scholars write free form prose in their journals. But sometimes, the Road School Faculty asks them to respond to specific writing prompts in a more structured 5 paragraph manner. We asked the four to consider and write about what they had learned so far? We are very proud of their responses and show them off below:

Emma’s Take

Andrew’s View

Reis’s Perspective

Alex’s Opinion

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4 Responses to “What We’ve Learned So Far”

  1. Hi guys, We were talking about your reflections over dinner last night and Emma mentioned that Winsor is collecting for an organization called “Life Straws”. Apparently the straws work as a filter for poor drinking water and each straw can filter water for a year. Have you seen anything like this in your travels so far? Would be great to pass on real life stories back to the girls. Many thanks!! Phyl

  2. Great stuff- Thanks for sharing your “most excellent adventure” with us. I have a question for Professor Greg from the Road School Faculty- “Hey Whitey when are you going to post what you have learned so far??” Glad to see you are on the road to recovery and have re-joined Dana and the kids on the world tour.


  3. Really insightful! I look forward to reading even more of your adventures and I’m happy that you are together again. I also hope I’ll have the opportunity to have the boys in my class next year. You are great writers!

  4. Reis! What’s up? hey i’ve got a big question- how many animals have you seen so far?I’m laurenB by the way but you knew that I have to leave can you also list got to go!!

    LaurenB 🙂