Places we’ve been sick or hurt

  • Alex Twisted ankle in Delphi, Greece
  • Alex Carsick Leonidio, Greece
  • Emma Puking in Purros, Namibia
  • Andrew Puking in Jo-burg, South Africa
  • Greg Fever to Botswana
  • Emma Airsick to Sarara, Kenya
  • Alex Tropical skin ulcers in Sinai, Egypt
  • Emma Puking down Mt. Sinai
  • Reis Puking/squirting Abu Simbel and Nile, Egypt
  • Greg Captain von Trapp joins Friedrich’s squirts in Luxor, Egypt
  • Greg Gout attack Jerusalem to Quito
  • Reis Car sick on way to Chillca in Upper Andes, Peru
  • Dana Altitude sick after wrestling alpaca in Upper Andes
  • Alex Puking nachos/strawberries in Quito airport
  • Alex Puking corn flakes/fruit salad in Torres del Paine, Chile
  • Greg Evacuated from Antarctica
  • Andrew Seasick in Roaring 40s
  • Reis Seasick in Roaring 40s
  • Reis Puking in Bali
  • Emma Abdominal Bali-belly
  • Reis Coughing in Cambodia
  • Greg Fever and gout in Hanoi
  • Alex Carsick in Himalayas, India x 5
  • Emma Carsick in Himalayas, India x 2
  • Andrew Carsick in Himalayas, India
  • Emma Squished finger in door, Rohet, India
  • Andrew Burned toe on mosquito coil in Narlai, India
  • Alex 36-hour bug with 103.9 fever in Amanbagh, India
  • Reis Puking on Day 2 Druk Path Trek (Bhutan) but rallied
  • Reis Puking at palace, Tang, Bhutan
  • Alex, Andrew, Reis all puking in Mt. Hagen, PNG
  • Emma sore throat and cold, Ambua, PNG
  • Emma puking green minty ice cream on road to Tongariro, NZ
  • Emma puked on rough crossing to the Society Islands…too much coconut
  • Alex puked on another crossing…too much Nutella

Modes of Transportation

  • Planes (single engine, turbo prop and jet)
  • Trains (including sleeper train)
  • Automobiles (rented and private)
  • Taxis
  • Buses (public and private)
  • Subway
  • Boats (all kinds (see other list))
  • Golf cart
  • Bicycle
  • Helicopter
  • Tuk Tuk/auto rickshaw
  • Motorbike/scooter
  • Cyclo/rickshaw
  • Cable car
  • Tram
  • Hot air balloon
  • Ox cart
  • Camel
  • Horse/pony
  • Elephant
  • Foot
  • Stretcher sled
  • Parachute
  • Luge
  • Chairlift
  • Zorb

Floating craft

  • Iceland: kayak, whitewater raft
  • Sweden: ferry, Dave’s friend’s motor boat
  • Namibia: catamaran
  • South Africa: ferry to Robben Island
  • Botswana: power boat, mokoro
  • Zimbabwe: whitewater raft on Zambezi River
  • Zambia: pontoon cable ferry, small gas boat, power boat
  • Egypt: Nady boats, Nile River houseboat
  • Ecuador: National Geographic Endeavor and zodiacs
  • Peru: Amazon River houseboat and expedition skiffs
  • Argentina: ferry to Uruguay
  • Chile: glacial-lake ferries, glacier-viewing boat, high-speed zodiac, power catamaran
  • Antarctica: Russian ice breaker KapitanKhlebnikov and zodiacs
  • Australia: Tasmania power-cat, Manly ferry, Great Barrier Reef dive boat, Daintree River cable ferry
  • Bali: whitewater raft, 60-foot ketch, banana boat
  • Cambodia: Fast passenger ferry (aka the death sausage), Ton Le Sap River cruise
  • Vietnam: Ha Long Bay junk, kayaks, Hoi An River eco-fishing boat and basket boats, Mekong River cruising boat
  • Hong Kong: Star Ferry
  • India: Udaipur lake cruising boat
  • Bhutan: whitewater rafting
  • Borneo: klotok river boat and speed boats
  • Singapore: Jurassic Park river ride raft
  • PNG: dive boats, island ferries, long dugout canoes
  • New Zealand: motor yacht to White Island volcano
  • Tuamotus and Polynesia: Catamaran Jambo

Places we went swimming

Dana, Alex, Emma and Reis have vowed to swim in every country we explore. In almost all places, we found a natural option; only three times did we need to rely on the hotel pool. Here’s the list of our dips so far:

  • Iceland: Natural hot springs, icy-cold glacial river (while rafting), Blue Lagoon
  • Sweden: Baltic Sea around Stockholm
  • Greece: Aegean Sea
  • Namibia: natural rock pool, camp plunge pools
  • South Africa: Atlantic Ocean (Cape Town), Indian Ocean (Plett Bay)
  • Botswana: Okavango River Delta
  • Zimbabwe: Zambezi River (while rafting)
  • Zambia: Zambezi River, house pools, Chongwe River falls
  • Kenya: Sarara natural granite pool
  • Egypt: Red Sea, houseboat Jacuzzi
  • Jordan: Dead Sea, Wadi Mujab River and waterfall pools
  • Israel: hotel pool
  • Ecuador: Galapagos Pacific Ocean
  • Peru: Amazon River (Rios YanaYacu and Pucate)
  • Argentina: Rio Plata
  • Chile: natural hot spring
  • Antarctica: Polar Plunge @ Cape Adaire, KK ship pool
  • Australia: Coles Bay Tasmania, Tasman Sea Bay of Fire, Manly Beach, Daintree pond, Great Barrier Reef
  • Bali: Indian Ocean/Badung Strait, Ayung River (while rafting), Nusa Lambogan
  • Cambodia: hotel pools
  • Vietnam: Ha Long Bay (South China Sea), Hoi An China Beach
  • Hong Kong: YMCA Kowloon
  • India: 8 different hotel pools
  • Bhutan: Mo Chu River (while rafting)
  • Borneo: Simpang Kanan river with crocodiles (see video)
  • Singapore: airport hotel pool
  • PNG: New Ireland beach
  • New Zealand: Kerosene Creek and Hot Water Beach
  • Tuamotus: everywhere!

Our world NOT delivered

Places where AT&T International Data Plan did NOT work

  • Iceland
  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Kenya
  • Israel (on-and-off)
  • Antarctica
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Bhutan
  • Papua New Guinea
  • French Polynesia

Funny Stuff

Logan Airport June 30, 2010: As Andrew was briefing us on expected weather conditions in Iceland, Alexandra is busted for not paying attention and asked by Dad, “what is Summer like in Iceland?” Without missing a beat she spurts: “flowers with bays and PONIES!”

Iceland July 2, 2010: On loading into the Land Rover Defender for the first time (lovingly dubbed the Dork Mobile by the kids), Alexandra, embarrassed: “why do you hate me, Dad?”

Iceland July 8, 2010: After informing Andrew that he was getting an F for the day since he had not done enough Rosetta Stone work or answered any of the quiz questions about the recently visited geothermal plant correctly, after some contemplation, in an optimistic tone, “well, I ate a whole paper towel on the way here.”

Athens July 16, 2010: Discussing kids’ possible majors and college choices, Andrew: ” I want to major in chemistry or software engineering at Harvard…or maybe musical theater, where is good for that?” Reis: “Musical theater, definitely Leotard!” He was later informed that Juilliard might be a better choice.

Serra Cafema, Namibia, August 6, 2010: Fausto: “water is the currency of life.  Look what happens when there isn’t any.  Think about this when you shower or brush your teeth.”  Andrew (immediately): “THAT’S WHY I DON’T BRUSH MY TEETH!!”

Ongava, Namibia, August 9, 2010: Fausto: “know how to tell the difference between a rabbit and a hare? Rabbits give birth under ground and hare give birth above ground.” Andrew: “so if you want to tell them apart ask them to give birth?”

Pick n’ Pay, Cape Town, August 12, 2010:

mmm, mmmm....

Outside Jack’s Camp, Botswana, August 2010: Dana had spoken to Himba people in Namibia about their age. They did not knw as they don’t keep track of time on calendars. When we were walking with Cobra, an old San Bushman gentleman (the one who cleaned the scorpion in his mouth), she asked him his approximate age. He quickly responded “60.” “How do you know…do you count the moons?” she asked. “No. I was born in 1950.”

Giraffe Manor, Kenya, September 10, 2010. Fausto: “Giraffes are ruminant; they regurgitate and chew their cud.  Why is it called ruminant?” Alexandra: “so they can make room for more food!”

Hanoi, Viet Nam, where traffic laws just suggestions. Andrew, while trying to cross a very busy street: “I hate this, I hate this, I like getting a green sign that lets me go, not getting hit by a bus!”

In Viet Nam, on a skype call with Greg’s Dad. Emma explains that we will be spending the day as peasants complete with traditional clothes, including the classic conical hats: “and guess what? We will get some of those special comical hats!”

In Delhi, on discussing the next night’s overnight sleeper car train from Old Delhi to Kathgodam, a ten-year-old pipsqueak innocently asks, “are the bathrooms en suite?”

In Delhi, watching the cricket World Cup as a Sikh player making a play in the field and after Greg tells her that Sikhs do not cut their hair, Alexandra asks “how long does their hair get?” Greg: “Not sure, ask a Sikh.” Alexandra: “who is Casiq?”

In Bangalore airport sports bar, waiter approaches Greg and asks, “would you like to Mobius?” Greg replies: “to Mobius?” “Yes, two mo(re) Bius (beers)”

Things we’ve lost (so far)

  • Alexandra left her beanie baby cat, “Henry”, on the plane to Reykjavik
  • Emma left her headphones on the plane to Reykjavik (then found them in Athens)
  • Alexandra lost her charm on the bus from Reykjavik airport to Reykjavik
  • Andrew lost his raincoat in a lava field on the road to Kirkjubaejarklaustur, then found it two days later
  • Dana lost the lens cap taking a bad picture of lava fields
  • Andrew lost his goggles at the Blue Lagoon
  • Emma lost one flip flop in a mud sink hole on Grinda Island, Sweden
  • “Someone” lost Dana’s swim goggles in Nafplion, Greece
  • Reis lost his beloved stuffed buffalo, Cody, in Greece
  • Reis my fleece beanie on loan to him in Swakopmund, Namibia
  • Emma lost “her cookies” by the side of the road on her birthday in Seisfontein, Namibia
  • Alexandra lost her sunglasses in Botswana (then found them in Zimbabwe)
  • Reis lost his orange vest in Mfuwe, Zambia
  • Andrew and Reis lost many malaria pills in Zambia when a monkey came into our house and stole the bag
  • Reis lost his bracelet on the plane from Lusaka to Nairobi
  • Either Emma or Greg lost Greg’s blue shirt somewhere between Planet Baobab and the Okavango Delta
  • Dana lost her second lens cap somewhere between the camel and the Great Pyramid of Cheops
  • Alexandra lost BOTH her bathing suits at the Dead Sea hotel in Jordan
  • Andrew lost his sunglasses and Staniel Cay YC hat somewhere
  • Dana left all the passports in the hotel safe in Atacama but recovered them later that day at the airport
  • Emma lost her special Phyllis scarf in the wind at Torres Del Paines then, miraculously, got it from a park ranger two days later
  • We lost Greg for four weeks in Antarctica
  • Dana lost her second iphone (the first was stolen in Peru) in Singapore
  • Alexandra lost her brand new Balinese red shirt somewhere between Bali and Cambodia
  • We lost Andrew on the trail between Camp 1 and Camp 2 on the Druk Path (we found him eventually)
  • Emma lost her favorite dress off the balcony and into the sea in Kavieng, PNG
  • Emma’s dress was found the next day in floating seaweed
  • Dana lost her Balinese sarong in the same place
  • Emma lost her headband left in a tree on a deserted island
  • Emma lost her sunglasses there too. Tough karma.
  • Andrew’s stuffed chipmunk, Chip, was MOB (Munk Over Board) in Tuamotus, recovered
  • Alexandra’s dive mask was swept off the dive platform by a big wave
  • Alexandra’s flip flops were swept off the beach by a big wave

Our Favorite Countries (so far)

  • Reis: Antarctica, Cambodia, Kenya
  • Andrew: Antarctica, Cambodia, Namibia
  • Emma: Antarctica, Kenya, Cambodia
  • Alexandra: Kenya, Antarctica, Cambodia
  • Dana: Antarctica, Kenya, Peru
  • Greg: Namibia, Antarctica, Iceland

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  1. Wow! You guys are so lucky you get to go on this adventure. We are all thinkig of you here in Dover!

  2. I cannot believe your adventure!!! You are living my dream! I just watched all of your videos–how incredibly cool! Can’t wait to hear and see more… when is the book coming? LOL Be safe… and as crazy as ever! And if you need any contacts in Vietnam, let me know–my cousin leads bike tours there! Hugs from the Little family! Heather

  3. Tiffanie remembers Emma “losing her cookies” in Florida…on Tiffanie. Did you eat McDonald’s in Africa?

  4. lauren adamczyk 26. Oct, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Hi Reis,

    Looks like Cody will be having a fun time in Greece!(hahaha)

    Your Friend,
    lauren adamzcyk

  5. Hey Reis,
    Looks like you are having a great time!
    Keep exploring! 🙂

  6. Reis,
    Hope you won’t be cold without your orange vest!

  7. mary hollanda 19. Nov, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    wow you are on an amazing journey. Its been fantastic to see all your videos and gorgeous pictures of views and nature. The pictures of the people have really shown how interesting and beautiful people all over the world are. If you take a detour to see Rio again while your in South America Annie’s 2 kids Nick and Evan are doing their junior year abroad there. Have a fantastic rest of your trip.

  8. WOW!!! You guy’s have already gone to a lot of places!! Everbody misses you guys back in dover!!! I hope you have a great trip!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think the “lists” just became one of my favorite things!

  10. After all this time, I have just discovered The Lists!! How terrific. Most noteable, Dana, you seem to have been the healthiest of the bunch…Momma Bear does it again. I am sad for you that you are on the home stretch, but happy for the rest of us that we will seen you soon! xo

  11. Love the lists. Such thoroughness in recording such craziness. And time passes and life goes on. What a lesson.

  12. Christine & Kirsten Olesen 21. Aug, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    We meet you on the Mike Ball dive boat on the GBR, Australia & remembered that you had a website… we were on a mother & daughter dive trip – while my daughter was doing a study abroard at Queensland University in Brisbane. We enjoyed your company and the video that you have produced from the trip is just amazing. The lists were a great idea. We read the Lonely Planet website and think that you could write many interesting articles for that site. Hoping all the best for you going forward. Castlegar, B.C., Canada

  13. Kevin McLaughlin 09. May, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Amazing trip, and equally impressive web journal. Thanks for the blue print. I can’t wait to pick your brain and start our own planning!