Chickering Kids Make a Difference

Dana and Emma with 7th graders in Zimbabwe

(Reis) On the first day of school in MA, we had breakfast with Sue Goatley in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Sue runs an organization called Children In The Wilderness Zimbabwe. Children In The Wilderness (also called CITW) raises money from private donations and Wilderness Safaris to help support kids in need. Each year they bring dozens of children into Wilderness Safari camps and educate them about birds, animals and the African landscape, so they can preserve the wilderness for future generations. They also teach the kids about interacting with others to help them use teamwork to get out of their impoverished situations. CITW also has a school program. They donate money to the schools to help them buy textbooks, literary books and desks. The other thing they do is prepare a meal for the kids when they get to school. Imagine walking 6 or 7 miles to school each day, then another 6 or 7 back. Now imagine only having 1 meal a day if your lucky. That’s how those kids live.

Giving the money to Sue and the School Headmaster

Last year, through family and Chickering School, we raised approximately $1,200 for CITW through a fundraiser we did called “Chnage for Children.”. This money will support all 790 kids, food wise, for over 2 weeks! Through just small donations you can make a big change. If you want to add to the saintly actions of CITW, feel free to donate just a few dollars to the organization.

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2 Responses to “Chickering Kids Make a Difference”

  1. Hey Reis, well done once again to you guys for raising this money for the kids. It goes to show that you don’t need millions to make a difference! I look forward to hearing more about your world experiences and until I do keep safe, keep writing and look after this fragile planet of ours. Happy travels.

  2. Hey Whites,
    I’m finally checking in — what an amazing trip you’ve had already! Especially glad to see how you’re helping the locals. Shout out to Alex — way to go kid! We’ll be keeping tabs on you guys in 7th-grade geography classes. Thanks for sharing your experience with everybody!