Cubs On the Kill

(Emma) It is a rainy, dark afternoon, and we want to try to find lion cubs. There are three lion cubs in the area, and we want to see them, even with the chance that we will not. We take the risk. The roads are muddy and wet and the rain pitter-patters on the car — what a gloomy day. We drive and we drive; it feels like hours. We slow down to look in the area where they were last seen. Through an opening in the trees, Mom sees a tawny lump about one-half mile away. We stop to investigate. It is a female lion! We look harder and see 5 more females. The only problem is that we have to cross a river to get closer. The river is rising, and we do not want to get caught in a flash flood. So we need to make this quick. We find the lionesses; they are in hunting mode. But we cannot stay. We have to make it back to the other side.

We cross back and decide to watch from a distance. It’s better than nothing! Then everything happens so quickly:

  • One lioness starts to stalk.
  • Two start playing.
  • We think they have blown their cover.
  • But they distract the wildebeest.
  • The wildebeest’s legs are thrown into the air.
  • We have to check it out!

We take the chance of crossing the river once again. When we arrive at the lionesses, we see a suffering, slowly-dying wildebeest, three full-grown lionesses, 3 adolescents, and one teeny-tiny-one-month-baby-boy-old lion cub. We have found what we were looking for! Most of them are playing around, jumping on each other; the rest are still killing the flailing wildebeest. The cub jumps around and plays on the wildebeest. When the wildebeest is finally dead, only one starts to eat — ripping apart the animal with the others dancing around with no care in the world. Then the time comes when we have to go. Across the river and back to camp.

Those are the last lions that we see in Africa. But we certainly end on an amazing note. And I guess that Mom is not hallucinating after all.

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7 Responses to “Cubs On the Kill”

  1. Michelle Sennett 19. Sep, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Woowwwww!!! Hey Emma, Reis, Andrew, Alex, Dana, and Greg:) I cannot believe how amazing this is and it looks like your trip has been AWESOME so far!!!!! So glad you guys all did decide to go for this trip (absolutely great!!) To all you guys: great job writing these posts/blogs…I love the detail & its like I’m really there, waiting quietly or hearing something! the videos are sooo great too:) Nice job! So enjoy the next country and I’ll check soon to see how things are!

  2. Caryl Cockburn 20. Sep, 2010 at 5:15 am

    I have spent the last half hour totally absorbed in your recollections of your Africa trip and am amazed at your incredible recordings an writings! I see a suspense thriller writer in Emma and I think National Geographic will be knocking on Andrew’s door in the future! Reis may do a revival of Dr DoLittle where he talks to the animals! Alex – awesome writing about the Cheetah. Look forward to reading about the rest of your journeys thru out the year. Regards Caryl (Cape Town)

  3. Paige and Hannah 17. Nov, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    (paige) Hi Emma it’s Paige from your lacrosse team, Hannah and I were just reading this, I hope my class can skype with you sometime! Thats amazing how close you must have been to the cubs. Where is your favorite place that you’ve been to so far? I hope to skype with you soon!


    Hey Emma it’s Hannah from lacrosse/pine hill/dsms! I read your post and i sounded sooooo cool!!! I wish i was there to see it!! have you met anybody that you are going to stay in touch with?? Have fun traveling!!


  4. Alex Martiros 17. Nov, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Wow! You go to see a real lion?!! Awesome! what is an adolescent? Miss ya!

  5. Cool lions are my favorite animal.

  6. sophie keough 18. Nov, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    hi emma!!!! I just think your sooo lucky to be going on that trip:) hope your having a really good time visiting all these places! i love your website!!! awesome lions they are so cute!- sophie keough

  7. sophie hunter 09. Dec, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    cool lions are my favorite animal.