River Carnage

Wildebeest on their way

(Andrew) The thousands of wildebeest were in an LA gridlock. They were all migrating to rain and grass and had to cross the Mara River. As we drove through the herd of thousands and thousands, they parted like a king walking through a queue of peasants. At the river bank we watch them go forward and back, forward and back. All the wildebeest were like a school of fish. Once one of the Wildebeest dives in, all of the others will follow. So there we sat, in the car, waiting for one to go in. The Lion King captures the wildebeest profile perfectly; wildebeests are U-G-L-Y! All the zebras milling within the mass of wildebeest stood out completely. FInally, a brave zebra leapt into the water and everyone followed. They looked like frogs leaping into the water. They were running and pushing, acting like little kids looking at the lions in the zoo. It was chaotic! Floating bodies of dead wildebeest came by. The snaking line just kept going on and on. When they got to the other side, some were trampled to death on the strenuous struggle up the bank. On the other side, the thousands of legs walking, each at its own pace, was very disorienting. Suddenly it was over and we drove away.

Here is a video:

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2 Responses to “River Carnage”

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW…..unbelievable! I am so thrilled you got to experience that, but boy am I jealous! XXX

  2. Hi Andrew and family, We enjoyed having lunch with you at Rekero Camp and we really liked your video of the crossing! We were next to you at the time with our guide and can remember the whole amazing episode. We’re sure you will continue to have unbelievably wonderful experiences and we look forward to following your adventures on your website.
    Jeanne and George Wagle (South Bend, In.)

    we can’t begin to