Sand Playground

(Andrew) In the Sahara there is SAND. Sand behind your ear, sand in your hair, sand in your shoes and sand in towering dunes.

We arrived in Erg Chebbi after 3 hours in our Hyundai Minivan. Everyone was exhausted but buzzing because of the view of the dunes. As soon as we had unpacked, we took a leisurely stroll out into the more petit sand-hills. I flung off my shoes and leapt into the sand. Instantaneously sand snuck into my interspaces (the space between your toes). I collapsed into the sand and let the warmness fill my body. I spent at least twenty minutes jumping and frolicking.

The four kids ascend before descent

Later, during our camel ride, we stopped by a huge dune and ascended it. It was a rough climb up but we persevered. When we got to the climax, we paused from exertion. Soon after, we ran down the slope. Personally, I slid down half way and then ran. Sliding was cool because when I slid, there was a small landslide behind me. When I stopped sliding and just sat, the sand behind me pushed me forward. Wouldn’t it be fun if schools changed their playgrounds to sand dunes, because they are more fun and cheaper! (Who cares if the kids get a bit sandy?)



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One Response to “Sand Playground”

  1. I am so insanely jolaeus. I am a displaced mountain momma. The Army moved us out of Colorado Springs this time last year and plunked us down in Georgia and I miss it. The sand dunes were a favorite spot of mine. I just found your blog via a post on facebook by To Go Ware & I will be following your adventures & checking out your wares. :o)