School Celebrities

(Alex) 80 eyes turn to us as we walk into a one-room grade 2, 3 and 4 school totally different from ours. It was kind of awkward to begin with — 40 cute little black faces with big white eyes just staring at us. Then we realized that the children were just people from a different country, not a different planet!

We began to interact with them by looking through magazines and sharing the English words for animals. After a while, Dad asked us if we wanted to sing for them. We sang “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson (video below), and they sang the Namibian National Anthem for us – which was really cute! Two of the kids even did acrobatic tricks for us, which was really impressive. We also showed them the dance to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (another video below); they loved it, and were really excited. The children also sang us a song about Jesus. They asked if we had anymore songs to sing for them. Instead of singing, Reis taught the kids “Heal the World” which we then sang together.

After singing, they crowded us, feeling our hair and arm hair, since they don’t have any. At the end, all of the children wanted to shake our hands and hug us. They were saying “Oku Heba” or Thank You. The children and the teacher seemed upset with our leaving them.

In the end, I can’t decide who that visit touched more — us or the children in the Namibian Village of Purros.

Note from all of us: Special thanks to Katherine Doherty, The Greenfields and Jeff Provost for the ideas for the songs.

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11 Responses to “School Celebrities”

  1. Maggie Harshbarger 12. Aug, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    I love it, you did a great job, what a wonderful exchange and experience!

  2. ok –the tears are still in my eyes from my recent viewing of the “Heal the World” video at eh Purros school. Truly beautiful. Once again –thank you for sharing. Xo Phyl.

  3. Yo, bro-bo-cops,
    You dudes are rocking out the singing. I can’t imagine how much fun you guys are having.
    K.I.T brohemeths!!!

    “Laxtastic ultimate lax bro”

  4. Wow, seeing all of those videos and reading some of the comments almost made me cry. At first, I didn’t know what to expect from six explorers going around the world and I knew I was going to miss you all. But seeing how great of an opportunity this is, i couldn’t be happier for all of you. Enjoy the rest of you trip! See ya in a year!


    Alex B <3

  5. You are guys are amazing. I’m really enjoying all of your posts, but especially the videos. Rock on!

  6. Not surprising but what beautiful voices the children have. Halle wants to learn the Supercali… (OK, who am I kidding?) dance too.

  7. Karen Raymond 19. Aug, 2010 at 7:10 am

    What a great video!!! Thanks for sharing ! Loved the singing and the wonderful smiles on the African students and your family.
    Mrs. Raymond

  8. HEY ALEX!! I miss you soo much and i have been going on your website alot. It is so amazing what you and your family are doing! i watched all of your videos and a smile just always was on my face. Alex, miss you soooo much! Keep having fun! We are heading back from the cape soon….so my vacation is coming to an end i will keep checking in on you. Tell your mom my mom loved her dancing:) BE SAFE:-)

    We will see you soon!!
    <3 ya Alex

  9. Wow!!!!! see you soon.

  10. Hi Whites! So awesome the trip is going well, and that was so nice that you got to sing for the kids! That first song was really sad. I hope you are doing GREAT and i miss you soooo much Alex!!! Can’t wait to hear more about the awesome places and activies you are experiencing.

  11. keep teaching,keep singing and more .What your doing is really great cant wait to here more about the adventure.Take care.