Sleeping in a Zambian Village

Walking to our soccer match

(Emma) Kawaza village in Zambia was a great change of pace for our family. It was a happy place with many friendly, happy people.

As we pull into Kawaza in our safari vehicle, all I see is hundreds and hundreds of little kids’ eyes turn to me. I didn’t know what to do. I was so overwhelmed by all these people, and I think to myself, “We cannot be staying here; I am so scared of big crowds!” But when our guide turns off the car and says “let’s go,” I slowly climb out of the car. The second we get out, all of the kids swarm us like bees on their hive. They all come up and start touching us and shaking our hands. I was so shocked at how they were so fascinated by “white people.” And also we were incredibly different people. They live in huts, and we live in a house. They live in Africa, and we live in Dover, MA USA! There are so many differences, but I quickly realized that we are all people and I have nothing to be scared of. In the end, we have a great time playing in a big soccer game and singing and dancing. Before I know it is time for bed…

I hear roosters crowing and kids yelling and laughing. My eyelids slowly open, and I can’t remember where I am. But when my brain catches up to my body, I remember; I am in Kawaza village!

I get out of bed and clumsily walk outside. The morning sun welcomes me to the day. Once the blinding sun settles down and my eyelids adjust, I see the mud huts with thatched roofs and notice that this is where we have slept.

Just before the bouncy ball game

I walk out slowly and the second the kids see me, they all shout “Emma!” I leisurely walk over, not in the mood to play. They want me to play with the small bouncy ball we had given them last night. I have to say “yes.” We play. It was incredibly enjoyable, and I had a great morning. These people, even though they may not have a lot of money or a bed, they are happy to be living.

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3 Responses to “Sleeping in a Zambian Village”

  1. Hi Emma.Thinking about you guys every day. I’m so glad that you’ve hit the nail on the head – As long as a person has food and shelter and none of the clutters of life that we tend to surround ourselves with, generally live a very happy life. I’m very pleased that you all had a chance to experience that. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Happy exploring.


  3. HI its me wew all here in dover miss you an hope you are well.emma you are nice to play with them.did you like the pyrimads any way gtg hope you are having a good time. keep on trukin