Sydney from the Sky

The brave climber high above Sydney

(Alex) Two of the main icons of Australia are the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. At the same time, we had a pretty amazing experience of both. As the night sky starts to turn pink, we make our way to the base of the bridge. Stretching 503 meters and up to 143 meters above sea level, the bridge was built over 70-years ago. Tonight, we are doing the Bridge Climb, which means we walk on top of the huge arch. Yes, you heard me right; 143 meters above sea level is where we are going to watch the night sky and the Sydney skyline. Only problem is that each adult is allowed to climb with 3 children, there are 4 of us, and obviously, Dad can’t climb. Luckily, we have backup; our friend Ross, whom we met on the Kapitan Khlebnikov, happens to live just outside of Sydney.

While on the bridge, to make sure nothing happens, we have to wear: a really ugly jump suit with everything all attached; a harness, obviously, so we don’t fall to a very uncomfortable death; and a headset so our climb-master can communicate with us. Ok, when we are all suited up, we go through a tester to make sure everyone is good with the wires and stairs. We all pass, and we are finally on our way.

Our route is:  1/4 of the way under the highway; start climbing the ladders to get to the arch; climb up on the top of the arch for the other 1/4 of the way; cross over the cars to the other side; and the same back down.

We start to climb under the cars hearing the traffic above us and looking over the Sydney Opera House. I am bouncing around because I am so excited!! Finally, it is time to go up. On the way to the top, there is a nice breeze and a great view. But that does not compare to the view from the top-top. Halfway up the arch, we stop to take pictures in front of the lit opera house. Since we are not allowed to bring our own cameras, we have to wait for our climb-master to take our pictures in front of the opera house and several other locations.

On the way down, we have an amazing surprise: FIREWORKS!! Since today is the start of the Sydney Festival, there is a nice display of fireworks. We sit down on the bridge and watch the fireworks explode. Unfortunately, it ends too soon for my liking. Down at the bottom, we are greeted by Dad.

That is surely a climb I will never forget.

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6 Responses to “Sydney from the Sky”

  1. 110% awesome picture!

  2. Alex – we will be in Sydney in about a week and you have inspired me to climb that bridge!! Great post, thanks for sharing your excitement!!

    Karen (your mom’s golfing buddy from Charter Oak)

  3. Alex- “ugly jumpsuit”? NO WAY! It makes you look hardcore as you pose above the city. Just like a giant yellow parka against ice. 🙂 What a cool adventure! and a great descriptive post.

  4. WOW. Just when I think you have done the scariest adventure, you top it!!!!! I would have been scared out of my mind to be that high. Is Mt Everest on the agenda!!!! Great writing and awesome pix.
    Hugs from all, including Clancey and Cameron.
    xoxo bibi

  5. Thats just awesome
    wish i could be there
    but no im stuck here doing school work and freezing my butt off
    Oh ya why is your hand see through

  6. Hey Andrew!
    That sounds like so much fun!!
    It must have been amazing to see those fireworks explode right in fron of you. It must have been so colorful and bright!
    Were you scared of the hights?
    It seemed REALLY high.
    Well, have a great rest of the trip!
    Happy traveling,