A Saint With My Name

(Andrew) Today we had an exercise-full day in Nafplion, Greece. First we went to yet another breakfast buffet at our hotel. Then we went to Epidaurus. There we visited the best-preserved theater in the WORLD. There we took some pictures and a sketched the view. After that we went to a path so Alex could do her juggling montage. After what seemed like 30 takes she finally did it! A feeling of relief washed over me. When we got back into the car we drove to the fortress of Nafplion. We drove the van up the hill and parked/got out. We entered the protected building and were blown away by the opulent view. Next to us there was a sign that said “TO ST. ANDREW’S BASTION –>” which got me all wound up. We all hiked to the steep, tall top of the building-on-a-hill. There we took more pictures. Then came the back-breaking effort, Climbing down 999 steps. I was the one counting the whole way. “1”, down, “145”, down more, “328”,down even more “648” down, yes, even more “1,010”, DONE! I had messed up a few times during the descent so the number wasn’t exactly spot-on. Our lunch was great, I had a Margarita pizza. Our gelato, which we had after lunch, was delectable. My dark chocolate gelato just melted in my mouth. A great day happened today.

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9 Responses to “A Saint With My Name”

  1. It is a source of pride for an aging grandpa to see his grandson describe a view as “opulent”. That’s poetic. Thank you!

  2. I was pretty proud and I’m just a friend. I can promise you my 12 year old son would not think to work “opulent” into his writing. Well done!

  3. Hi Andrew,

    What is Margarita pizza? It sounds very interesting.
    Gelato is very “delectable” and chocolate is my favorite.
    Love your posts. I’m enjoying ‘traveling’ with you all. Thanks for sharing. You are in one of my favorite countries.
    Happy Adventures,
    Mrs. Chase

  4. Thats so cool Andrew do you know if any have my name? Haha!

    Missing You,

  5. TO: ST. ANDREW:
    that’s so cool that there’s a saint with your name in it… i have a boxer with my name in it (mahamida ALI!!!!) that’s cool bud!

    ~ *ALI* ~

  6. Andrew-

    I have always wanted to travel to Greece! You are so lucky to be seeing such beautiful places. I’m glad to hear you spent some time sketching the view- this will be a treasured memory! Keep up the fabulous detailed posts; they help me “see” the world with you and your family. Have fun!

    Miss Yorston

  7. Hi Andrew- Love reading about your Amazing adventure. The food sounds really good, especially the gelato. Love to all, Tina

  8. Hey Andrew. I recently read a book with a school called St. Margaret’s! It’s really cool that a Saint (NOTICE THE CAPITALIZATION) has the same name as you!

  9. hey Andrew! sounds cool. your so lucky to travel around the world. i hope you have fun!