I Could Live Here

(Dana) For 3 years my sister and her family have lived in Stockholm. Now I get why. Even Greg said, “I could live here.” Granted, the sun was out for 19 hours/day and it was closer to 30-degrees C than the 3 degree darkness of January, but for us, it ís about the water. Stockholm is one of a surprisingly few world capitals situated right on the water. So other than our outing to view the World Cup finals at an Irish pub, our adventures were all marine-based. We went to the beach and jumped into the brisk water. We checked out the 350+ year-old Vasa warship that was recovered from the Stockholm Harbor. We took a ferry to one of the 30,000 islands of the outer archipelago and lost Emma’s flip flop in a clay sinkhole. And Captain Dave hosted a city tour by boat including a trip back and forth through locks. What a gorgeous place. Plus they have herring.

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3 Responses to “I Could Live Here”

  1. Sounds like Stockholm is a really cool place. Laura and I can’t wait to see it for ourselves, come Sunday. Thanks for the tip on Vasa Museum. And taking a ferry out to archipeligo sounds like a great idea – thanks!

    Wistar & Laura

  2. I spent a few nights in Stockholm. Stayed on a permanently moored ship called the Maladrotnigan (going off of memory on that one). Attended the 10th b’day party of Apple Scandinavia which was held in the castle where they give the Nobel awards. Had a great champagne reception in the courtyard and then we had the same multi-course meal that the Nobel winners enjoyed. And then of course there are the blondes….Had a great time there.

  3. Who doesn’t love old Vasa warships!