The Trojan War in 1 Paragraph

(Reis) After the “For the Fairest” golden apple beauty contest, when Paris of Troy gave the apple to Aphrodite and she promised that any woman he fell in love with, would fall in love with him, it all went downhill from there. Athena and Hera were very mad at him for not picking them. Paris went to Sparta for a state visit where the Queen, Helen, met him and brought him to the castle, because the King was away. Instantly, Paris fell in love with Helen, but the problem was she was married, so she rejected him. That night he prayed to Aphrodite to make Helen love him. Aphrodite answered his prayer and made Helen fall in love with Paris. The next day it was time for Paris to leave, so he asked Helen to come with him, and she said yes. On the ship, Paris proposed and Helen accepted. The word spread to the king, Menalos, and he was furious. He went to see his brother, Agamemnon, to get advice on what to do. Menalos, and his brother brought together all of the kings in Greece for a meeting. They discussed the offense and they took action by starting a siege to Troy. They got to Troy and they camped out in front of the walls, letting no one in and no one out, trying to starve them. But they waited 10 years because the gods hadn’t decided who would win the war. 6 gods were for Troy, led by Aphrodite, and 6 gods were against Troy, led by Athena and Hera. But suddenly the great trickster, Odysseus, thought of a great idea. They would build a big, wooden horse and all get in to the hollow inside. The ships would “retreat” and they would leave the, so called, surrender gift. Odysseus’ bold idea was to put into action and it miraculously worked! The Trojans were all killed or taken POW, and the city of Troy was demolished. The war was over, but the gods were angry at Odysseus for tipping the scales before the gods decided. They made Odysseus not find his way home, an island, for 10 years, you can read more about that in Homer’s “The Odyssey”. That is the Trojan War.

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4 Responses to “The Trojan War in 1 Paragraph”

  1. Right (I guess)! By the time you’ve read this you cannot help but laugh. Well, so did a very clever Frenchman by the name of Jacques Offenbach who composed/wrote a hugely funny opera, La Belle Hélène (Beautiful Helen) in 1867 and put the whole muddle to music. Full of tunes everybody knows… equally funny, when your grandmother and I were in Troy itself — not in Helen’s time but just a few years ago — it rained and rained and was cold, miserable, and there was nobody there but a wet lost goat who stank. I tried to cheer Clare up by singing a song from the opera but she walked away. Oh well.

  2. Homer White?

  3. I liked the way of your writing , but there is sonething missing in the story, we may be need more events. you did not mentioned Priam’s son, Hector, when he gained an led the trojan and so on …
    with #Baktar_Smail #Morocco.

  4. Michael Crander 02. Nov, 2017 at 12:54 am

    Bruh dis sucs