Heroes on Masada

On Masada, overlooking the ruins of Roman encampments below

(Reis) Masada is a mountainous, isolated, natural fortress. It was home to a group of Jewish rebels, a mad, architectural king, a Roman siege, and a huge suicidal massacre. The Israelites were revolting against the Romans in 73 A.D., so the Romans put them under siege. For 8 months the Romans camped outside and around the mountain. For 8 months they built a huge
ramp out of dirt, pail by pail, so they could bring a tower up to get into Masada. One fateful evening they finished their ramp and brought the tower up which included a battering ram. They set fire to the walls with flaming arrows. Miraculously, the winds changed and the fire blew towards the Roman’s tower. They thought their tower was going to burn, when suddenly the winds changed AGAIN, and completely engulfed Masada’s wall in flames. The wall burned and the Romans used the battering ram to finish it off.

That night, the Roman soldiers returned back to camp. They knew that no one could get out, because they had a heavily guarded siege wall. They all went back to feast. When the Jews who occupied the mountain saw them leave, they needed to make a decision. It was either they would die free men, or be killed as slaves. They agreed to die free men. The men of each family killed their wives and children. Then 10 men were picked to kill the other men. Then one of those ten had to kill the other 9. Then he had to commit suicide. When the Romans came back up Masada in the morning to find a huge pile of corpses, they were SURPRISED. But they had won. That is the suicidal, heroic, tragic, terrible story of Masada.

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