Living La Vida Hamster

The Zorb course

(Andrew) Zorbing: the activity of rolling down a hill while strapped inside an extremely large plastic ball.

That is the definition of zorbing from the PC dictionary. We zorbed today. What the dictionary doesn’t describe is that it is REALLY FUN! What the dictionary also doesn’t describe is that you can also zorb not strapped in but in water where you slip and slide on the bottom of the zorb.

Hamster Andrew in the Zorb aperture

First, we changed into our bathing suits and climbed into a truck. We bumped our way up the hill and exited through the back doors. Two zorbs were sitting there, waiting for us to use them, beckoning us. Reis and I would share one and the girls would triple up and share the other. The girls went first. Seeing them roll down the hill and hearing them scream made me so impatient to go next. When they finally got to the bottom of the hill, we could get in the zorb. We entered through a small portal in the side. We splashed into some really warm water sitting on the bottom of the zorb. The water had already steamed up the side of the ball and Reis and I couldn’t see a thing outside our zorb. When the guy pushed us, I was so excited. I was standing up, with my hands against the ball, acting like a hamster running in a wheel, screaming my head off. I quickly fell down when we started rolling, but the soft plastic cushioned my fall. The whole ball rotated beneath our butts, and we just slid and laughed. We slowed to a stop, and I slid out. On my next run, I did the zig-zag course with no one inside with me. I bumped along the many turns and curves. It was WAY BETTER and a lot more crazy, so I lost all sense of direction.

I loved going zorbing and channeling my inner hamster.


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13 Responses to “Living La Vida Hamster”

  1. Abraham or Ibrahim 23. May, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Dear Andrew,
    I’ve read your blog post and from what I’ve heard from the post makes me want to go zorbing so much I will explode. P.S. Your blog is superior awesomness. P.P.S. If you want to see my blog type in Feel The Awesomeness.

    Ibrahim :):)

  2. Holy cow this looks so fun!! Chewy wants to jump on a plane and join you guys immediately 🙂

  3. Hi Andrew!

    That looks like a lot of fun,and great post! I can’t believe all the cool adventures and activities you have done! Hope to see you soon…(Maybe in class!)

    ~Cricket S.

  4. Hi guys!
    That looks like a lot of fun! I did someting like that once down in Cape Cod where you went in an inflatable ball and you could walk around in it (or, like I did, fall down every 3 seconds). It was fun, but I bet zorbing was way more fun. Next week our grade is going on a week-long field trip to Nature’s Classroom in New Hampshire. IT seem like it’s gonna be lots of fun. I’m sad you are not going to be able go, but of course, I think if I had to choose, I would still choose your awesome adventure. Can’t wait to see you!
    PS, Are you going to be back for the end of school? We get out on June 23. Answer me at my blog at .

  5. Hey Emma,
    Its Ilona!! Omg i saw your videos and teh polar plunge looks so COLD!!!! Also how did u buid up the nerve to SKY DIVE????? Ha ha hahope you are having fun!Can’t wait to see you 🙂

  6. Hey guys,
    That looks so fun! When are you coming back? Have fun on the rest of your trip.

  7. Dear Andrew,

    That seams really fun to be in in a zorb and go down a hill screaming and yelling. I wish that I could could do that to. Great post obout the zorb.=)

  8. Hey Andrew
    Seeing this post makes me want to make my own zorbing ball (or whatever the thing is) and go zorbing! 😀 It look really fun! What day do you come back???

    Micah 🙂 🙁 😐 (^-^) (^_^) (>_<) 😛 😀
    Check out aka my blog!

    PS Why inner hamster?

  9. Hey Andrew,
    That sounds like a ton of fun!!!!! I cant believe all the cool things you and your family have done on this amazing trip. We hope to see you soon.

    Katie 🙂

  10. Dear Andrew,
    That sounds like so much fun and you must have been a little scary. You did a really good job in writing this, it was very descriptive. I do have one question, why is there water inside the ball? Well I hoped you had fun.


  11. Hey Andrew,
    Nice post. That looks really fun. Those pictures were really nice. I wish I could go in that plastic ball.

  12. Hi Andrew,
    We’ve been following your adventures since we met you last Oct. You are a descriptive and fun writer to read. Love your details and humor.
    We want to be first in line, for an autographed copy of your family’s book. Wonder what the title will be?
    Best regards to all,
    Gail and David

  13. Wow!! Thanks sounds like it was such fun.