Eliza is happy to be with us

(Guest correspondent Eliza) What were the chances of me being in French Polynesia in 2011 at the exact same time the 6explorers were going to be here? And able to have some time off from work? One in millions probably. Call it destiny, coincidence, luck… And now, all I know is I couldn’t be more happy and thankful for this amazing opportunity. It was meant to be!

When you work on a super yacht like I do, you always find yourself working in stunning places. Your life is to see la crème de la crème over and over. I wouldn’t swap for a position in the kitchen of a café in Montréal but… when I find myself in a deserted bay of one of the Society Islands I can’t help it but wish I wasn’t working… I dream I could experience this paradise the way I would if I was the one on holiday. Joining the Whites on Jambo was pretty much the realization of this longing.

I joined the 6explorers in the Tuamotus at the end of May knowing that I will be part of what was the last leg of their amazing journey around the world. I felt privileged to be welcomed in this very significant end-of-voyage destination.

Between astonishing dives and snorkels, fun beach times, king of the mountain games, beauty sleeps at the bow, graduation on a motu, movie and jewelry creation I witnessed how strong the family ties are. I’ve enjoyed discovering the very different personalities of the four children, the dynamics between them and the joys and the difficulties of being part of a ‘big’ family. Everyday has been interesting. Definitely not a dull moment with the 6explorers! I will miss all the action and the entertainment but I will also miss learning from all the different situations and conflicts parents have to deal with non-stop day after day.

Dana and Greg can be very proud of being the parents they are. They are giving their children very powerful tools that will allow them to go through the obstacles of life with an open-mind, solid morals and amazing sibling support. If one day I have a family of my own I will unquestionably look up to their family philosophy and grasp everything I possibly can. I will also be very eager to see how the kids approach their next few years and how this journey will influence their attitude and decisions. I hope we stay in touch so I can see these beautiful fun children becoming inquisitive respectful young adults. And they must know that my heart and ears will always be open to them.

Until then, I’ll send you postcards so you know your friend Eliza is traveling while thinking of you all.


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One Response to “Lucky”

  1. Well written, and in your second language….what a trip your having….lucky indeed.and I would say everyone is lucky to have you around.