PNG Poetry

Michael, the author, and friends in front of his house

These two poems were written and read to us by our fantastic guide on two successive mornings in the Mount Hagen area of PNG.

By MW = Michael Moge Agilca Kundumb Keping Wandau

(Or Michael of the Moge tribe, Agilca clan, Kundumb sub-clan, Wandau Keping family)

Day (1) in Kange Country

White clouds of fog and mist everywhere
Tender whistle of a dawn parrot
Mystic winds blow on the mountaintops
To carry on the dreams of aspirant travelers
All on the top of the Kubor Range is Rondon Ridge
Hagen is the house of a thousand parables
Falling into a culture of colour and beauty
The strange-looking mudmen in fierce masks
While dancing to the beat of the Kundu drum
And, keep inflating the traveling soccer ball
Thus, a primitive social structure of pigs and kina
Shells is much interest, however, the spiritual beliefs
And, the curable powers of witchdoctor is fascinating
With the obsidian stone-axe displaying strength
And, the bamboo “necktie” is a symbol of wealth
Perhaps the local cassowary is not forgotten
Magnificent colours of orchids, paradise ginger plants
Including the red, yellow and paradise poinsettia
Meet friendly people and smiling faces
In markets, villages and the roadside
And, that was day one (1) for the Whites in Kange country

Day Two (2) in Kange Country

Morning sunshine over green fertile valleys
Surrounded by majestic blue mountains
Ranging from the Kubor to the Bismark
Glimpsing the never end stretch of beauty
Gardens, primitive huts and lovely people.
Far beyond the white clouds of fun and joy
The museum of shields, spears and kina shell
Of human-figured of natural spirit stones
With skulls of both the important and the unrevenged
And, a traditional chief of many wives and wealth
Through, the blue sky, you can see a rainbow
Outshining every other colours that ever dawned
From culture to customs and language barriers
Far away from the oceans of noise and pollution
And, find perfect harmony in a natural setting
Even though, the ground is wet, muddy and dirty
Hard-working and friendly people tend for agriculture
Perhaps, white man have come to stay
With greetings from the Birds of Paradise
That, will charm the ears, to win the tender hearts
Of the travelling Whites in the last frontier on Earth.

The Chief greets Reis


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2 Responses to “PNG Poetry”

  1. Thanks for sharing these . It may sound strange, but I could almost “smell” beloved PNG reading your words.

  2. Michael wandau 15. Feb, 2015 at 2:10 am

    Thanks to the 6explorerz for putting my poems on your website. Ot brings me wonderful memories of this great travelling familu. I still have more writings but no computer or any publisher so I hope if you can find me a publisher of unknown writers for me. Once again thanks alot and keep travelling.
    Best wishes and greetings from papua new guinea
    Michael tv