Gone with the Wind

Andrew lifted off his feet in a gust

(Greg) The wind down here is intense. It is what makes the Southern Ocean, The Drake Passage and “rounding the Horn” so perilous. This crazy wind, I am told, is the result of the coriolis effect (wind created and intensified by the rotation of the earth) and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which is the strongest ocean current that literally circles the entire Antarctic continent. The last few days in Patagonia have been really windy. Sustained winds of 25 to 40 mph and gusts to 70 and 80. Andrew and Reis were inspired to verse and prose:


Whipping – and – whirling

Screaming – and – solemn

Gnarly – and – nice

Catastrophe – and – calm

Freak out – or – frolic

Evil – and – energetic

(Reis) One of the main characteristics of Patagonia is the wind. Today, we experienced it the hard way.

The wind is so strong that when I push against it, it feels like I am fighting another person. An incredibly windy day in Dover is common here. The temperature in Patagonia in late spring feels like Winter at home. The bitter cold wind shoves away any scrap of warmth that might find its way into Windís Realm. The cold gusts disintegrate my heat unless I go behind a barrier. Wind pushes and pushes to get to me, but it can’t. Obviously, Rock and Wind are friends because if a 70 mph gust wanders up, the sharp pebbles will fly into me, stinging my back and legs.

The wind dominates the region of Patagonia, blowing the whole area with vigor and incredible force. And boy, did we learn that.

(Andrew) Haiku

It whips against you

How can you fight the powers

Of the mighty wind

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2 Responses to “Gone with the Wind”

  1. Hey!! Tommy McGill told me about your trip and website last night as we bought our Christmas tree at the Dover Legion. I grew up in Sherborn and my sister Maura has kids in the DS system now, the Cavanaugh’s!! Just wanted to say hello…My girlfriend and I just got back from Patagonia and yes, it was windy! We were in El Calafate the last three days of November. Maybe we crossed paths! Flew threw Ushuaia to get there…very scarey flight…Happy Holidays….Thom

  2. Hey Reis,
    Sounds like a lot of fun! Keep posting!
    Your Friend,
    Lauren A.
    P.S. Check out my blog at laurena18.edublogs.org
    THANKS!! 🙂 🙂