Favorite Countries (So Far)

The clear winner

Since we left Greece, we have been keeping a ranked running tally of our Top 3 favorite countries. We are now 7 months and 23 countries into our adventure and think it might be time to give an update.  Remarkably consistent. The six countries that made our list all offered either extraordinary natural beauty or an intimate peek into the real people and their culture, or both. Antarctica is the clear winner.

  • Reis: Antarctica, Cambodia, Kenya
  • Andrew: Antarctica, Cambodia, Namibia
  • Emma: Antarctica, Kenya, Cambodia
  • Alexandra: Kenya, Antarctica, Cambodia
  • Dana: Antarctica, Kenya, Peru
  • Greg: Namibia, Antarctica, Iceland
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3 Responses to “Favorite Countries (So Far)”

  1. Hi Whites!

    I agree, most of you like Antarctica. It looks actually pretty cool! It’s so cool how you have favorites! Have a happy day!

    Carly 🙂

  2. Hey White Family!!
    Antarctica is really a special place and I was very privileged to share that experience with you! (And a bit with Greg!)
    Coral-Lynn 🙂

  3. You’ve convinced me….. Antarctica is now officially on our bucket list!!!

    Karen, Giles and the kids