Greece 10 – USA 1

(Emma) If you might think that your soccer team is good, come to Greece! Well even though not all of us Americans play soccer, we still got cremated. It was quite depressing. All of the Greek kids played,and as we saw, they play almost every day! As we approach the goal that we are trying to score on the BIG kid comes up and steals the ball from Andrew; that does not surprise me because these guys were good. Good ball skills, good speed. Well maybe they were not that good compared to some teams but great compared to us “Americans”. And cut us some slack! I mean half of us don’t even play soccer! So that game was sad for us but obviously not sad for the Greeks because they were laughing and talking to each other in Greek; and I think that they were making fun of us. So one tip: if you ever come to Greece make sure that you can find a soccer field. Then PLAY! (And make sure you win!) Because we lost and to tell you, it felt bad to lose; and it always does!

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8 Responses to “Greece 10 – USA 1”

  1. Zero worries, given the debt crisis, we can buy all the soccer balls up and ensure no future losses. Moreover, remind your father George Papandreous went to Amherst.

  2. My first trip to Greece was in a year when Germany was World Cup Champion. We were invited by Greeks we knew from Germany to play soccer in their home village. What an experience – the whole village showed up to see us play. It was an awful pitch, a box full of used and abused soccer shoes, a flat ball, and teams of 30 people a side. Didn’t matter we were exhausted after 10 minutes. The village played for two hours and then everybody proceeded to the harbor where tables were set up outside and we all (about 100 or so) had grilled sardines and a lot of retsina and ouzo (the adults anyway, I was 14 years old or so …

  3. Emma, I spent a summer in the South of France once and for the first two weeks I was there (before they finally asked me to play) I watched the Greek teams beat the French teams every time. So not to worry the Greeks can beat other people too. One thing that you are certainly right about, is that losing doesn’t feel good, ever.

  4. hey emma! it sounds like you are having an awesome time!!!!

    happy birthday!! you are os lucky you get to spend your birthday in namibia!!!

    madeline 🙂


    HAPPY 12TH BDAY EMMA! that’s so cool to spend ur birthday in a cool part of the world!=)

    have a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Sabrina and Libby 10. Aug, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Hi! happy belated birthday! hows your trip so far! hope you have fun! ~Libby

    Hey! Hows your trip? It seems like its a lot of fun!! I love all the videos you put on the website! Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Hey Emma! Happy Birthday. I love all the pictures and videos. Tina

  8. caroline cohen 06. Oct, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    hey i hope your having a great time