The Great Diarist

At work on more lists

Like Samuel Pepys, Dana has been a tireless chronicler of this year’s adventures. She is creating a tome that will entertain us for years to come. Some of the most entertaining things she records are lists of all varieties of meaningful and meaningless facts. We have started to show a few in the LISTS tab above. It is just a tantalizing tickle. Lots more to come…

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One Response to “The Great Diarist”

  1. Just read the lists for the first time. Can’t wait for more…do you have a big enough journal for all your thoughts. Actually, at one time I was going to suggest a TESTING THE WATERS category for your topics, but you have that covered in the LISTS. Hope you and Greg had great birthdays….early happy birthday to the boys! Miss everyone and anxiously await your return to American soil!!!!! Hugs to all