The Medical Kit

We are very lucky to have fine physicians and fine friends who are fine physicians. They have loaded us with advice and gear in anticipation of the nasty fall in Peru or the nastier infection in Borneo. In addition to the standard Malarone and Cipro and Lomotil, we are armed with syringes to inject a variety of ‘caines in preparation for Doctor Greg’s use of scalpel, sutures and bandages. We also have steroids and pain stuff, gout medicine and nausea inhibitors, and the rip cord of last resort: the med jet membership. Dana has all the indications and contraindications on the two spreadsheets on the right below. But the most important thing we have are the cell phone numbers and permission to call our physician friends at any hour of the day. Priceless.

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3 Responses to “The Medical Kit”

  1. Wow, White family! I can barely take my floride pills, let alone all that medicine!

  2. Very cool. Many of the places you visit will have fairly modern medicine facilities and doctors. In the highly unlikely event that you didn’t think of this, you might want to schedule check ups at certain intervals to make sure a doctor doesn’t see something you don’t see that requires attention. Just consider the odds – six people x 12 months. Have your physicians network now to get some people lined up in those places.

  3. Oh my gosh that is a lot of medicine!!! I hope you don’t really need use all of that!