Welcome to 6 explorers

We leave June 30, 2010 on an adventure that will take us to all seven continents. See itinerary. We built this site to create an interactive platform for our kids to report on the world as they see it through other kid’s eyes. We want lots of other families to share some of this experience with us. Please, please comment on our posts as that will serve to both keep us connected and inspire our kids to do their best work reporting back to you. Thanks for visiting and please join us as we take off in July!

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3 Responses to “Welcome to 6 explorers”

  1. May the sun shine on your path every day…
    but with Lala No, I visssh you vör home already.
    Hen will be watching and looking after you.

  2. Jens Eckstein 14. Feb, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Best idea I have encountered in a long time. No doubt that this will define the fabric of your family for decades to come. I’ll be checking in regularly. And don’t forget to take a soccer ball along – you’ll find out that it really is the world’s game!
    Cheers – Jens

  3. I hope you are having an awesome time on your flight to Iceland, and I hope you made it OK! Last night Kate and I looked at our watches and it was 9:40 exactly and we were like OMIGOD- ALEX IS GETTING ON HER PLANE RIGHT NOW! LEAVING FOR A YEAR! It’s really wierd to think about but it’s going to be awesome. Have a blast.