The 6 Explorers

Dana, Greg, Alexandra (13), Emma (12), Andrew (10) and Reis (10) live permanently in Massachusetts where the kids go to school, Dana runs lots of community activities and Greg advises various companies and organizations…and sails.

But as the 6 explorers, they will travel to 29 countries discovering cultures, differences and similarities, learning about others and themselves.

Why We’re Doing It

Ten years ago, Dana and Greg sat together to develop our Family Mission Statement.  At that point we had a pretty good feel of our “family spec”: four kids, tightly packed in age, two girls, two boys, etc.  So what now?

The “what now?” became the Mission Statement:

  1. We will actively invest in the strength of our family fabric
  2. We will strive to show the kids that the advantages they have are not entitlements but opportunities to make a difference beyond themselves

Bringing those objectives to life became the genesis for this trip.

We built this site to create an interactive platform for our kids to report on the world as they see it through other kid’s eyes. We want lots of other families to share some of this experience with us. Please, please comment on our posts as that will serve to both keep us connected and inspire our kids to do their best work reporting back to you.